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Return to China

By: Sherry Kirkvold
It was just a couple of weeks ago I heard Sandhill Cranes flying overhead. I looked up to see those beautiful birds winging their way to the south, marking another change of season. They made me think of the stately Black-necked Cranes and my upcoming trip to China. The only alpine crane, Black-necked Cranes are one of the world's rarest birds and revered as symbols of luck and happiness. The last...

Watching Big White Bears

By: Jean Iron
Polar Bears topped everyone’s most wanted wildlife list on the Worldwide Quest and Canadian Universities Alumni cruise to Canada’s Northwest Passage. Excitement erupted early morning on Day 3, August 27, when OneOcean expedition leader Boris Wise announced that observers on the bridge had spotted a Polar Bear. Our ship, the Akademik Ioffe, was approaching Coningham Bay on Prince of Wal...

Diversity and Landscapes of Cuba

By: Glenn Barrett
Choosing a favourite day on Quest’s Best of Cuba trip would be a challenge as each day provides new habitats to explore, species to observe and island culture to experience. However, Day 10 always stands out as a highlight when I reflect back on this 2-week long trip to the jewel of the Caribbean.The day begins with us leaving the sun-kissed beaches of Cuba’s south coast, where we had ...

Curious about Oman?

By: Laurielle Penny
Until the late 1970s, Oman was well hidden and very little was known about the country. But that’s not to say the Oman is one of the more conservative countries in the Middle East. Quite the contrary; buildings show both Arabic and English names; there is no income tax; education and health services are free. The country is ruled by the monarch the Qaboos bin Said al Said. Contrasts abound h...

Northwest Passage Bound - on a little row boat

Our voyage in the well appointed Ioffe this August may very likely be passing a much more ambitious expedition in the likes of crew member Kevin Vallely who will be part of a team of 4 men planning to row the Northwest Passage. Their goal is admirable:  collect scientific data for Fisheries and Oceans Canada that will help provide 'early warnings' of how the Arctic is changing....

Off the Beaten Track in Venezuela

By: Justin Peter
Venezuela has garnered media attention for its abundant petroleum resources and sometimes colourful political figures. But it is otherwise a 'quiet' nation as far as headlines are concerned, even more so as regards its value as a nature-based holiday destination. This is a shame since this tropical country has many features that make it an excellent place well worth exploring. From the landforms, ...
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