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Gastronomy & Wine

We relish the moving feast, exploring the ways that food and wine bring us together on a very real and authentic level.  We are interested in the food people eat around the world, where it comes from, how it tastes and how it impacts cultures. Our travellers visit food and wine producers, take cooking classes, tour markets and engage local communities in discussions on sustainability, local trends, techniques and tastes.
  • Our food tours are hosted by chefs and expert foodies
  • We meet local food producers to learn about sustainable practices
  • All our cooking classes offer hands-on learning
  • We dine in the most interesting places
  • We meet chefs and get the recipes
Good to Know
Signature Moments
  • Spreading nets with fishers in Vietnam
  • Tasting port with the maker in traditional Porto cellars
  • Shopping for all the freshest ingredients in a Moroccan bazaar
  • Doing BBQ right at an Argentine ranch
  • Enjoying fusion cuisine in Lima