The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many facets of travel. Please ensure that you understand the current travel and health requirements and restrictions for your destination, including entry to your destination, protocols in effect at your destination, and requirements for re-entry to your home country. Worldwide Quest requires all travellers to comply with all Covid-19 protocols as outlined by governments and local health authorities while on tour. We recommend that all our travellers have comprehensive travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage.
 Worldwide Quest has been awarded the World Travel and Tourism Council’s #SafeTravels Stamp for adopting health and hygiene global standardized protocols.

This provides you with the assurance that we have implemented health and hygiene protocols for tour operators, as established by the World Travel and Tourism Council. The protocols cover operational and staff preparedness and the delivery of a safe experience with the goal of putting the safety, health, and security of travellers and the travel and tourism workforce at the core of the development of global protocols. Please see the WTTC #SAFETRAVELS site for more information: Click here.

These protocols will continue to be updated as new information becomes available.

When you’re ready to travel again, you have the assurance of our #SafeTravels protocols and our Tour Ready Criteria.

Our tours will proceed when all the following four-point Tour Ready criteria are met:
  • The Canadian government does not have an ‘avoid all travel’ to the country or region within a country for any part of the tour.
  • No region that we visit on the tour has any significant COVID-19 related restrictions.
  • There is reliable airline access for arrival and departure.
  • Worldwide Quest and our in-country partners are confident that your trip can operate safely and enjoyably.

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 Updated 3AUG21