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A Rare Cat on a Serengeti Spring Day

By: Quest traveller Shelia S.
Quest traveller Shelia S. reminisces about a prize sighting on our Tanzania Classic Safari in February 2019.I first visited Tanzania in 1992. It was July, in the dry season. A haze of smoke often spread over the golden sea of buffalo grass and millet in the fields. Large animals were moving north for food and water as the country dried up. Our guides, though fluent in more than two languages, knew...

North American Monarch Population Primed to Deliver a Spectacular Show in Mexico in 2020!

By: Jessica Linton
Although it seemed like spring would never arrive in Canada and through much of the USA, it finally did by June and with it came the arrival of Monarch butterflies. Last winter in Mexico the overwintering colonies increased by an astounding 144% over the previous year, covering an area of more than 6 hectares. That was the greatest number of monarchs seen since the winter of 2006/2007 and by far ...

Medellín’s Impressive Transformations

By: Ann Kirkland, Urban Explorer
Celebrated as the most 'Innovative City 2013' by the Wall Street Journal and the Urban Land Institute, Medellín is the quintessential symbol for urban metamorphosis. Here are two of the top transformations I look forward to seeing firsthand:Connecting communities through public transportationMedellín decided to invest in novel transport solutions to make the entire city more accessible, ...

Siberia’s Old Believers

By: Laurielle Penny
At first glance, the Old Believer village looks much like classic Siberian villages of the imagination. Dirt streets are lined with solid log houses, each decorated with colourful blue and green shutters, gables, and fences. And as in many Siberian villages, the people here are the face of exile. Old Believer communities survived centuries of repression through faith and hard work. And now, Old Be...

Laurielle Discovers Chettinad

By: Laurielle Penny
It was a moment that perfectly illustrated why I love to travel in India...  One of the hotel staff appointed himself our guide to show us around the village. We strolled the dusty streets and stopped at one of wedding cake mansions. “My family home, please come in,” he urged. Nodding to an elderly caretaker dozing on the porch, we entered through carved wooden doors and gasped...

The Greeks Really Do Have Near-mythical Origins, Ancient DNA Reveals

By: Ann Gibbons
This article was originally published on Ever since the days of Homer, Greeks have long idealized their Mycenaean “ancestors” in epic poems and classic tragedies that glorify the exploits of Odysseus, King Agamemnon, and other heroes who went in and out of favor with the Greek gods. Although these Mycenaeans were fictitious, scholars have debated whether today’s Gr...