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Enjoy our leaders’ reports from the field, our travellers’ stories and pictures, travel advice and staff picks from trips we’re working on.

All Before Breakfast at Asa Wright Nature Centre

By: Glenn Barrett
When I’m staying at the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad, there is no temptation to roll over, hit the snooze button and sleep a little longer when my alarm goes off just before dawn. Outside, the pre-dawn chorus of insects and birds has already begun! I freshen up and I’m ready to go. Camera, binoculars, field guide – check!!Leaving the cabin and stepping carefully over a bu...

Alum's Career on the Ocean Began in the Forest

By: alumni UBC
For a Forestry grad, Aaron Lawton (BSF ’07) spends an awful lot of time where there are no trees at all. As operations director of One Ocean Expeditions for the past 10 years, Aaron runs a company specializing in tours of Antarctica, the Canadian Arctic, and Greenland. So how did he get here, and why?“It started at Trent University in Ontario, where I was studying physical geography an...

Laurielle's Upper Mekong Photo Blog

By: Laurielle Penny
Upper Mekong River CruiseFebruary 15 – March 1, 2019I travelled on this ship in February, 2017 to check it out in advance of our February, 2019 tour. And I loved it!If, like me, you enjoy seeing interesting, hard-to-get-to places and are not a ‘cruise’ person, I think this might be for you. The feeling of “I’m here where very few travellers have been” is thrill...

Morocco: A Film Lovers' Paradise

By: Evergreen G.
Morocco is filled with the world’s most stunning scenery, fascination history, and rich culture. It’s no surprise that its tapestry of colour and character is used as the backdrop to several critically acclaimed films and television series. Continue reading for five critically acclaimed movies and television series that were filmed in various regions of Morocco. Our upcoming tour Trave...

The Legendary Black Dragon Pool

By: Ariel Mizrahi
On our Inner China tour, we skip the standard tourist attractions and delve into lesser known locations and cultures to seek off-the-beaten-trail experiences. One of the stops we make on route is at Black Dragon Pool – a magical pond in Jade Spring Park. Located at the foot of Elephant Hill, the Black Dragon pool is a short walk north of the Old Town of Lijiang, and serves as the town’...

"Beyond the Beaches" in the Dominican Republic

By: Pete Read
Our 2018 trip to the Dominican Republic was wonderful. First, let me confess that while it is called “Beyond the Beaches”, we did visit a couple of fine beaches with shimmering sands and swaying palms. But since our main focus was to explore the natural features of the island beyond, we spent much of our time exploring a variety of habitats to find the country’s most interesting ...