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Unearthing the Recipe for Rare Gemstones in the Canadian Arctic

By: University of British Columbia
This article was originally posted on UBC News.When Philippe Belley came to the University of British Columbia to study how gemstones form, he didn’t think he would need to learn how to protect himself from polar bears.But when some of those precious stones are buried in the Canadian Arctic on Baffin Island, where the world’s largest land predator also roams, sometimes you roll the dic...

Berry Season on Fogo Island (With a Recipe!)

By: Laurielle Penny
September and October is Berry Season on Fogo Island. Brilliant sunrises and sunsets fill the skies, the wind is predominantly in the west, and the Island finds itself completely carpeted in dozens of varieties of edible berries. Slightly cooler temperatures make berry season the perfect time to get outside and amble through the barrens and footpaths while scooping up handfuls of blueberries, rasp...

Why is Georgia (the country) on Our Minds?

By: Laurielle Penny
Savvy travellers are noticing that Georgia is popping up in the most unexpected places, with insider reviews on the country’s fascinating and unexpected culture. Trending now are these articles looking at Georgia’s food, wine, art, and landscapes.Conde Nast Traveller writer Tara Isabella Burton call Tbilisi “Europe’s Most Curious City” and assures her readers: “...

Icy Connections: Why the Arctic Fascinates a Whale Biologist

By: Christoph Richter
If there were travel guides for different occupations, one could easily think of locales to include in these books. Paris or the streets of Bangkok would feature prominently in a guide for cooks; Machu Picchu and Cairo would be part of the History guide; while the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland would appear in the Physics guide. The Galapagos Islands would be a must for Biologists. &nbs...

Cities that Reign in Spain

By: Ann Kirkland, Urban Explorer
Ann Kirkland in conversation with Christopher Hume, one of Canada's best-known city commentator. Together they will host a trip to Barcelona, Bilbao and Oviedo, Oct. 18-28, 2019.Chris, when you visit a new city, where do you look, what questions do you ask to get a feel for how liveable it is for all those who call it home?When I travel to a new city I like to walk around as much as I can. To me t...

5 Reasons to Cruise the Emirates with Worldwide Quest in November

By: Laurielle Penny
The World’s Grandest Place of Worship? The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is one of the largest and most ornate on earth. Trip Advisor ranked it as the world’s second-favourite landmark, surpassing St. Peter’s and the Taj Mahal. Take a look for yourself to see if you agree.  Mega MuseumsAbu Dhabi is pushing to become the region’s cultural leader. The Louvre Abu...