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Laurielle Penny

Laurielle is one of the principals of Worldwide Quest, managing director and designer of new programs and planner of Signature Moments. She works principally with our Cultural Explorations portfolio and with customized travel programs for cultural institutions and affinity groups.

Upcoming Tours

Current Projects

An enthusiastic convert to the Canadian Arctic, Laurielle is currently working on our next “Canada’s Northwest Passage” expedition. “I’ve always been an admirer of the built environment, but the huge expanse of the Arctic desert and the vastness of the Arctic Ocean speak to me in a very significant way”. A veteran of 6 (almost 7!) Arctic expeditions, Laurielle will talk happily and incessantly about the polar regions!

Memorable Moment

Scouting out our trip to Ethiopia was a real thrill. I didn’t know what to expect and was met by the loveliest people, glorious scenery, and a centuries old rich artistic tradition. It proved to me, once again, that travel is about embracing the unexpected and being rewarded for engaging with the world around you.