My long weekend in Québec City was a real tonic. We decided on a spontaneous summer road trip and discovered that some things about travel are different but much is better than ever.
What was different?
A concerted attention to hygiene protocols from staff and guests. Every time I walked the halls of the lovely Hotel des Augustines I saw a staff member cleaning public areas. Our hotel room was pristine but in order to reduce contact, there was no daily cleaning. If you wanted anything, all you had to do was call. All staff were masked. Guests too were scrupulous about wearing masks and allowing a respectful distance.
Not everything is fully open. Many restaurants are open only three or four days a week or only in the evenings, so having a reservation for dinner is essential.

Access to some museums is limited. The gorgeous Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec limits the number of visitors, so you need to buy timed tickets in advance. I discovered and admired the works of Jean Paul Lemieux (1904 – 1990), one of the most significant artists in the history of Canadian modernity who pursued his art almost wholly in Québec. The Morrin Centre’s beautiful library is still closed, but due to open in September.

This long weekend took a little more planning to make sure that we could do everything we wanted to do. Fortunately, I love to plan travel (of course!) If you’re planning a trip on your own, I do recommend you spend the time to research carefully what’s open and any special requirements. Or, better yet, let us do the planning for you. :)
Laurielle Penny
At Maison de la littérature
What was the same (or better)?
Courtesy. We’ve heard a lot about negative experiences over the last 18 months. It was refreshing to re-discover a genuine courtesy in greeting travellers, happiness in welcoming back visitors, and real joy in getting back to travel from everyone I met.

"Foie gras 5 ways"

Restaurants are fabulous. Québec City’s culinary popularity is richly deserved, and I enjoyed some outstanding meals. Email me if you’d like the list of my favourite places – I’m happy to share.

Great people. All my interactions with our partners have been by phone or email for the last 18 months; meeting our guide, hotel staff, and restaurant owners in person was a delight. It reinforced for me how fortunate we are to work with wonderful professionals around the world and right here in Canada.
Le Monastère des Augustines

Québec’s famed ‘joie de vivre’ was out in full force.
This long weekend was reminder that travel is a joy and a privilege and, with attention to detail, it’s a pleasure we can now look forward to.