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It takes more than one visit to maximize your Argentinean experience, so vast is this country that stretches from the tropics to its temperate southern reaches. It’s also a different pace of life here with an often fluid travel schedule and dinner usually served after nine. The country’s icons, however, are loud and vigourously command our attention. The nation that gave us the Tango is also the home of a wine-lover’s paradise in Mendoza’s valleys. Coastal capital city Buenos Aires brims with vivacity and offers reminders of a tumultuous past. As a contrast to the cosmopolitan experience, some of the world’s most magnificent wild spaces inspire awe and bring about a sense of solitude. The big skies, jagged peaks, shimmering glaciers and magnificent waterfalls of Patagonia provide photographic fodder; Mount Fitz Roy dramatically explodes skyward. Also not to be missed are the painted deserts of the Andes and the white-tipped mountains in the Lake District. Finally, there’s the wildlife: legions of penguins in the cool south, condors, foxes, pumas, eagles and falcons to name but a precious few. In Argentina, everything is exuberant. Join us and become part of that energy.
  • Argentine gaucho (cowboy) culture is alive and well
  • Argentines eat around 60kg of beef per person per year
  • The Argentine city of Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world
  • The world-famous Tango was invented here
  • The Perito Moreno Glacier is the third-largest reserve of fresh water in the world and one of only three glaciers in Patagonia that are growing and not shrinking
Good To Know
Signature Moments
  • BBQing asado at our favourite estancia
  • Tasting at the wineries of Mendoza with our man Jorge
  • Taking a tango lesson at a San Telmo salon
  • Staying at the only hotel with a view of Iguazu Falls

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