Daisy Gilardini's passion for photography and our natural world has grown into a lifelong commitment to disseminate conservation messages and inspire others to respect and preserve our fragile planet. She strongly believes in the education of younger generations, impressionable minds that will one day become the decision-makers of the future.

For Daisy, photography means extreme adventure:

"Many times I tried to understand this irresistible attraction to the Poles, which I would define almost as an addiction or obsession. These extreme adventures transport me out of my ordinary worldliness and lead me to discover my own primitive instincts. By returning to the foundation of existence, I feel comfortable by simply following the rhythm of nature, which inspires deep respect and awareness for the importance of these delicate wilderness areas.”

Below, we've featured our top 10 favourite photos by Daisy. Please enjoy!
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Daisy will be on this November's Photographic Symposium tour of Antarctica. In addition to the regular program of presentations on history, ornithology, geology and the natural world, this unique voyage will have a major focus on photography, with 4 professional photographers on staff and a professional water colourist.
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