The world has come to a temporary ground stop and we are all facing a huge amount of uncertainty, but one clear fact is that we are all in the same boat. We've been working to assist our travellers overseas to return home, then helping our travellers with imminent tours to re-assess their plans. We’ll be reaching out to all our upcoming travellers in the coming weeks to discuss your plans.

Most of our partners around the world are independent hotels, freelance guides, local transport companies, small restaurants, and other independent small businesses. We respect their dedication to our travellers and share their commitment to doing the very best to mitigate the impact of these extraordinary circumstances. So, let’s support each other during this period and let’s approach this shared crisis with renewed goodwill. If your upcoming tour has been interrupted by the current circumstances, you can help by postponing your travels, or if you have claimed a refund from your insurance company, by rebooking your trip. We are working to reschedule as many tours as possible so that you can continue to travel when it is safe to do so.

We are very grateful for the many messages of support we've received from our travellers. We are part of a fantastic community of people who value the wonder-filled experiences that travel brings us and we look forward to sharing more great travels with you.