Taiwan may not be on your radar yet – but it should be! There’s fabulous food, a trendy contemporary art scene, gorgeous scenery, clean and efficient infrastructure and, before it gets on the mainstream radar, great value.

Asian Art Specialist Susan Lahey leads this tour and she’s selected her favourite aspects of life in Taiwan to share with you:


The Art. An inspiring mix of traditional and contemporary. The National Palace Museum is filled
with stunning ancient bronzes, jades, paintings and, of course, remarkable ceramic artworks, encompassing over 10,000 years of history. This is the Mecca of Chinese art. There is also a vibrant innovative art scene we’ll explore through gallery visits and exclusive meetings with local artists. Since 2000, artists have been transforming abandoned warehouses and factories into art spaces. Photography, video, and more traditional art forms flourish here in a cultural collision that examines questions of technology, history, and the struggle for national identity.

Night Market Taiwan

The Food. Taipei is a 24/7, adrenalin-filled city, home to the best street food markets in the world. Its mix of Chinese, Japanese and aboriginal heritage, the high standards demanded by a food-obsessed public and every chef’s exacting attention to detail all contribute to the island’s growing reputation for gourmet creativity. With a particular emphasis on seafood, some memorable items of Taiwanese foods include, gua bao (steamed buns with fillings), oyster omelettes, and Susan’s favourite, green onion pancakes. Tea tasting is the Taiwan equivalent of wine tasting and we’ll spend time in tea houses in Taipei and in the lush terraces of Alishan tasting a multitude of fragrant oolongs.
Sun Moon Lake Taiwan scenery

The Scenery. Not for nothing is Taiwan known as the ‘beautiful island’. Taiwan is renowned for its exquisite temples and stunning mountain scenery. We’ll travel to Sun Moon Lake, home of the Thao aboriginal tribe, to enjoy the famous sunrise views. Hot springs, forests, and temples are among the delights to experience in this rich natural landscape. Lukang is old China, a townscape filled with temples, craftsmen’s workshops, and outdoor bazaars.

Confucius said: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” Discover something old and something new on this insider’s tour of Taiwan with UBC alumna Susan Lahey.