Here's what past travellers are saying about their Private Journeys with Worldwide Quest:
"This was an outstanding trip which allowed us to see India as it is. As we expected it was an assault on the senses and the emotions. Generally the guides were excellent and willing to engage in discussions about their country and its history and politics. This allowed us to learn so much about India. It is sad that so many friends – when we told them we were going to India – asked, 'Why would you go there?'"
Ian and Joy W., India

"The lodges you recommended provided comfortable accommodations, good food, and access to interesting birding and animal viewing. The birding was all that I had hoped it would be. On every excursion, I saw a new species or several new ones. We saw Hyacinth Macaws on the first day in the Pantanal and later that day, our first Giant Anteater. The next day, we saw the Lesser Anteater, as well. The guides were knowledgeable and very helpful. The drivers were excellent."
Katherine H., Brazil

"The main driver exceeded my expectations. He was terrific. The local guides ranked from met, to most that exceeded my expectations. A special mention to Sandiq who I felt was terrific and should be commended. Always level headed, quiet, and watching everyone's back. Compassionate and able to deal with every situation without creating undue pressure or excitement. Wonderful with all of us and a great people person. And a special thank you to Lewie who was always on top of things, also a great people person, and who I am certain created new experiences for us on the spot by virtue of being able to make instantaneous decisions. Kudos to Sandiq and Lewie."
Stuart F., India

"As you well know, this experience is one of a kind - diverse, unique, mind-blowing and very special. We had a truly amazing time and the itinerary couldn't have been better. The weather, too, was magnificent especially as we floated along on the ocean in our ship and pangas. Suffice to say, I am most grateful for all that Worldwide Quest put together on my/our behalf and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me live out my dream in the enchanted islands of the Galápagos"
Julie B., Galapagos Islands
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