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How can one of the planet’s premier safari destinations be so off-the-beaten-track in the public consciousness? This is a common sentiment from travellers who have completed a journey to this nation rich in big game wildlife. A country that has avoided much of the social and economic strife of many other African countries, Botswana quietly and peacefully offers unforgettable experiences to its visitors. The largest elephants in the world are found in Chobe National Park, in addition to other iconic star players such as lions and giraffes. Also impressive in the realm of big mammals is the Okavango Delta’s floodwater-invaded a plain. Here, mammal viewing can be enjoyed by dugout canoe – a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the west and south lies the Kalahari Desert with its stunning views. Botswana has so much to offer that Africa’s best-kept secret is unlikely to remain so for very long.
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