In addition to great services, we select lodges for proximity to key locations, quality of on-site habitat, and tasteful integration into the local environment. Le Relais de la Reine is one of our favourites in Madagascar!

Le Relais de la Reine

Located in south-central Madagascar, it is set nicely into the rugged landforms a stone’s throw from Isalo National Park, which we visit during our time here. Here we are at the heart of the Isalo Massif, where uplift has thrust the sandstone bedrock up, creating dramatic contrast between rock outcrops that we call ruiniforme and the flat, palm-studded savanna that surround them below.

Outcrops stand above the grassy savannahs at Isalo

The Isalo area has huge outcrops (Photo by: Pete Read)
Erosion later cut deep canyons into the sandstone and in so doing, created an environment where various endemic animals and plants find shelter in an otherwise relatively dry place.

Water collecting deep in the canyon sustains greenery during the dry season

Le Relais is wonderful situated and that is just one of the things we enjoy here. It’s a great place to enjoy in between our local excursions.
Le Relais de la Reine fits in nicely into the landscape
Some rock artwork at Relais de la Reine (Photo by : Pete Read)

A room at Le Relais de la Reine
 The local fauna and flora always present something interesting!

We have a chance to see fascinating plant life on the rock walls, such as this bizarre endemic plant, the Elephant’s Foot (Pachypodium rosulatum)
 Pachypodium rosulatum
 The Malagasy Sunbird is just one of several endemic birds found in the area.

The most familiar face we could see is the Ring-tailed Lemur, synonymous with Madagascar! There are other, less common lemur species in the area, too.

Ring-tailed Lemurs foraging at Isalo
We will spend two nights at Le Relais de la Reine during our next Madagascar: Evolution Gone Wild tour in 2023. Click here to view the tour.