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Quest Nature Tours

Would you like to observe and learn about wildlife and explore interesting habitats? Quest Nature Tours welcomes curious travellers who enjoy unique itineraries, insightful and affable naturalist leaders, and our easygoing style of travel. We travel to all 7 continents. A flagship branch of Worldwide Quest, our small-group tours are all about exceptional and educational field experiences, camaraderie, and fun.
  • Small groups
  • Expert leaders
  • More time exploring
  • All taken care of!
Good to Know
Signature Moments
  • Viewing Sperm Whales on our boat trip around Kaikoura Peninsula
  • Hearing the thundering herds of the Great Migration
  • Exploring the Panama Canal's tributaries by boat
  • Observing Galapagos Giant Tortoises foraging peacefully on Santa Cruz
  • Hiking along a beautiful volcanic coastline in Iceland 
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