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The White Continent has been explored and written about by many, but it is still a daunting task to find the words to capture how truly spectacular Antarctica is. Here, everything is big – the glaciers, the wingspans of the albatrosses, the congregations of penguins, the endless daylight of the austral summer – the list goes on. Picture whales surfacing just off from your Zodiac while penguins slide and waddle across the snow; imagine going to shore on a land being ever-crushed by a relentless layer of ice thousands of feet thick. Perhaps your life-changing memory will be watching icebergs calving and passing through narrow channels bordered by some of the highest mountains you have ever seen. With vistas like nowhere else on Earth and wildlife wholly unafraid of humans, you will be left buzzing with wonder and awe long after your expedition has concluded.
  • Antarctica is the only continent with no indigenous human populations
  • Of the 17 known species of penguin, only four breed on the Antarctic continent.
  • Antarctica is actually a desert, but holds about 70% of the world's fresh water (in ice form of course)
  • The lowest ever temperature recorded on the continent (and on earth) was -89.6°C (-129.28°F)
  • There is no time zone on Antarctica, scientists will generally go by their home country's time
Good To Know
Signature Moments
  • Soaking in the hot spring at Deception Island
  • Humpback whales bubble net feeding around your Zodiac
  • Camping overnight on the continent
  • Making the intrepid ascent at Danco Island

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