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Philippe Tortell

The Invisible World of Antarctica’s Marine Ecosystems: From plankton to whales (and everything in between). Click here to watch the recording. (40 min. + Q&A)
Philippe Tortell is a Professor of Oceanography at UBC, and Head of the Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. He has conducted oceanographic research expeditions around the world from the Arctic to the Antarctic, measuring marine biological productivity and the oceanic concentration of dissolved ‘climate-active’ gases, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. His work focuses on the development of ship-board automated sensors, field experiments and the use of satellite-based remote sensing observations. His previous work in the Antarctic, has included a number of expeditions to the Ross, Weddell and Amundsen Seas, and extended deployments at Palmer Station on the West Antarctic Peninsula. Dr. Tortell received his Bachelors degree in Biology at McGill University, and a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University. He has worked with a number of organizations across Canada to help share the results of his work with broad public audiences, and has edited several popular books, including Earth 2020: An Insider’s Guide to a Rapidly Changing Planet.

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