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Rowena Lamy

Rowena Lamy was born in Guyana, South America. At age 20, she migrated to pursue Undergraduate studies and has since made Canada her home. She is an experienced, enthusiastic international traveller for both business and pleasure.

A long and successful Information Technology (IT) career including roles as a Management Consultant, and Corporate Director, has afforded her the opportunity to work in multiple cities in Canada, and internationally in the U.S.A, the U.K., Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. Rowena’s IT career created her rich tapestry of skills and capabilities which equip her to be an effective WTN Tour leader. She is a natural organizer and problem solver with a calm and easy-going demeanor, who creates the perfect ambiance for her WTN customers to enjoy their vacation. Her enthusiasm for travel along with her passion for collaboration and integration, means that no client will be left behind AND a memorable experience will be had by all!

Rowena lives in Toronto, with her husband, Daniel. Their 2 adult (millennial) sons, have now successfully flown the nest, so they are savouring the joy of empty nest, retirement living. ​​

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