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Jessica Linton

Jessica Linton is a consulting biologist who specializes in butterflies. Based in Ontario, her work has a heavy focus on species-at-risk including butterflies, the wildlife group about which Jessica is most passionate. She has over 10 years of experience conducting butterfly surveys, behavioral monitoring, and migration studies. Jessica has participated in, or has coordinated a number of initiatives and studies focused on Monarch and has appeared before the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal as an expert witness on Monarch ecology. She has travelled to several of the Monarch overwintering colonies in central Mexico to observe and photograph the species and regularly delivers educational presentations on this fascinating species. In a prior time, Jessica lived in Costa Rica where she worked as a guide and later as manager at the Monteverde butterfly gardens. During that time, she also travelled extensively through the country and its many habitats. She particularly loves Costa Rica’s cloud forest and all of its sounds! Jessica is always excited to share her passion for the natural world with fellow avid travellers.

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Current Projects

Developing recovery strategies for Canadian butterfly species for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Canadian Wildlife Service; member of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada's (COSEWIC) Arthropod Subcommittee; leading a multi-year study on the endangered Jefferson Salamander; delivering presentations and lectures on butterfly ecology; current Editor of Ontario Insect (newsletter of the Toronto Entomologists Association) and the Ontario Lepidoptera Summary.

Memorable Moment

Approaching the the Monarch wintering grounds at Sierra Chincua and having more and more butterflies dancing around me- then suddenly being surrounded by millions of them.  So many the sound of their wings was not just audible, but loud.  The sun shone down on my face as I looked up at them and I felt an extreme sense of contentment that I had achieved my life-long goal of observing such an incredible biological phenomena.