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An intriguing mix of ancient and modern, Thailand continues to draw travellers to its architectural masterpieces, its beautiful beaches and its fine national parks. The quality of hostelry is magnificent and the food divine. As Bangkok remains one of the region’s airline hubs, chances are you’ll be passing through here on your way to Southeast Asia. Take a few days to enjoy the city; it’s hectic and chaotic and magical. Nearby the former capital of Siam at Ayutthaya is one of Thailand’s greatest historical treasures. With more time to spare, we like to get up north; Lan Na translates as a thousand rice fields and is the old name of the kingdoms of Chiang Mai and it surroundings. There are sacred Buddhist sites here, traditional hill tribe villages and the country’s best cuisine. Thailand boasts some of the region’s very best spas and beach resorts, so if indulgence appeals; this is the place to be.

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