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This Caribbean nation’s energetic vibe underscores the many aspects of a Jamaica experience. Interactions with the friendly residents, tasting the famous jerk seasoning on different meats, and listening to reggae beats in the genre’s birthplace each deliver vivacity, sparkle and sizzle. Kingston is the gateway to many cultural narratives at museums and historic sites, chief among them the Bob Marley Museum at the reggae master’s former home. Nearby Port Royal preserves remnants of British colonial rule. Beyond the capital city and other popular centres like Montego Bay and Ochos Rios is a remarkably varied tropical hinterland. Endemism is particularly high here, owing partly to the mix of distinct habitats that includes rainforest, cloud forest, cactus-dotted scrubland, caves, river floodplains and coastal mangroves. The Blue and John Crow Mountains comprise a large national park that is breath-taking. The rainforest-clad foothills beckon for exploration and even the casual observer can expect to be handsomely rewarded by the lush surroundings and the attendant wildlife therein. Offshore, impressive reef systems teem with often colourful and sometimes bizarre marine life forms.

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