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A land of mountains and forests, beaches and coral reefs, mangroves and wilderness, Honduras is awaiting the attention it so well deserves. The country is at the southern tip of the vast Mesoamerican barrier reef system - the second biggest barrier reef in the world - which runs more than 1,000 km down from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and offers exceptional snorkeling and diving opportunities. Honduras is renowned for the enigmatic Maya ruins of Copán, a UNESCO World Heritage site distinguished by its beautiful stone temples, altars, hieroglyphs, and stelae. The country’s national parks, wildlife refuges and biological reserves for a chance to appreciate the work that Hondurans have made to protect their natural spaces and to delight in their wildlife. Pico Bonito is perhaps the best-known for its wonderful array of wildlife, including Puma and Jaguar, and an extravagant assortment of birds. Among bird enthusiasts, Honduras is particularly well-known for the Honduran Emerald, a hummingbird that is Honduras’ sole endemic bird species.

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