I’ve just recently heard about a very special coffee shop called Kaapittiaq in the central Canadian Arctic and I’m delighted to share some information about their activities. Kaapittiaq means 'good coffee' in Inuinnaqtun, and that is what they produce. They source green beans from Indigenous farmers in Peru and transform them into the Arctic's finest brew.
 The Arabica beans are sourced from a high altitude valley in northern Peru,
in naturally-forested and bird friendly environments
With every purchase of Kaapittiaq, you support the wellbeing and cultural survival of Indigenous communities in Northern Canada and in South America
Kaapittiaq is an Inuit owned and operated business. Each year 75% of profits are donated to the Pitquhirnikkit Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society and are invested in programs that promote Inuit culture, language, and knowledge.

Keen to learn more or place an order? Please visit the store here.
All photos sourced from kaapittiaq's website and Instagram.