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Payal Mehta

Hailing from Mumbai, Payal Mehta was raised a city girl but surprised her friends and family when she decided to pursue a naturalist training program soon after completing her university studies! However, she has always loved the outdoors, and has branched out much beyond her formal training in geology to become well-versed in India’s wonderful wildlife and varied habitats. She is our choice naturalist guide in India and our Quest travellers always delight at her skill in interpreting India’s nature and cultures too. She knows India’s Ladakh region well with previous experience on Snow Leopard expeditions.

Travellers have a lot of positive things to say about Payal!

"Payal was absolutely outstanding. Friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient." - Eileen T., 2018 India traveller

"Payal and the other Indian guides were outstanding." - Remi & Rhoda V H., 2018 India travellers

"Payal was amazing, on so many levels, and was clearly respected by the guides at the nature reserves." - 2016 India traveller
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