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South Korea

In the southern part of the Korean peninsula, the little-known natural beauty will surprise as much as the ancient life will fascinate. Rebuilt and on the upswing after many tumultuous years of war, Korea is a world leader in technological innovation, especially in the booming greater Seoul area where nearly half the nation’s inhabitants live. The wilder north, where deer and bears occupy the alpine zone, is a direct contrast to the rich south coast where fields of ginseng thrive in a more tropical climate. Korea is also home to many game birds, including native pheasants in the open countryside and waterfowl in the wetlands. The internationally-threatened Red-Crowned Crane finds winter refuge in the country’s northern reaches. Rice paddies, rural fishing villages and peaceful temples allow for exploration of a slower-paced lifestyle. The heart of ancient life lies in the city of Gyeongju with its temples, pagodas and royal tombs. In Korea a warm welcome awaits the eager traveller seeking both urban exposure and an adventure off the beaten track.
  • The youngest person in the group always pours the drinks
  • Courtesy is highly valued
Good To Know
Signature Moments
  • Jostling with the crowds in the early morning at the Busan fish market
  • Being inspired by the beautiful scenery at Seoraksan National Park
  • Touring the Bulguk-sa temple with the priest

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