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Four thousand years of history endure in Greece through the tales and monuments of a storied past. Some of the most world-renowned cultural monuments and ruins are found here in the land of Mount Olympus and the endlessly captivating Greek Islands. The famous white-washed homes of Santorini, Mykonos and Lindos, among others, capture the unforgettable essence of Greek architecture. Still standing long after the height of their splendor are the iconic Colosseum and the theatre at Delphi. The Greek Islands are a collective treasure trove of natural wonders and attract hordes of visitors annually. Loggerheads Sea Turtles depend of the sandy beaches to lay their eggs; the island of Lesvos is regarded as one of the best places in Europe to see both breeding and migratory birds. In the country’s north, spectacular mountains are ornamented with endemic wildflowers and often overwhelming congregations of butterflies.

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