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Jimmy MacDonald

Jimmy MacDonald is a lifelong naturalist and outdoorsman who has been working for the last 14 years as a freelance guide on nature tours and paddling expeditions. His love of the outdoors was fostered during his graduate school where he researched Cold Regions Hydrology issues in the Rocky Mountains. A Saskatoon native, Jimmy has been observing the mass migration of cranes and waterfowl since childhood. His fun-loving and enthusiastic manner blend with a strong knowledge of natural history and a boundless curiosity of flora, fauna and landscapes. In addition to assisting with our successful 2016 Whoopers tour, Jimmy’s work has taken him across Canada, including Northern Saskatchewan, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia, Ontario and the Northwest Territories. He has also worked in Central America and both the Arctic and Antarctic Regions. We first encountered Jimmy in 2015 when he was working as a ship guide/geomorphologist aboard the Akademik Ioffe on our Canada’s Northwest Passage expedition cruise.

Upcoming Tours

Current Projects

Preparing for summer 2017, leading Canoe Expeditions in the Canadian North. Most exciting is attempting to coordinate a 12-day canoe transect along the Kujuua River on Victoria Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. This expedition will involve the leading scientists in Arctic ungulates and focus on the health and distribution of the resident Muskox population.

Memorable Moment

Getting up-close and personal with a herd of Muskoxen on the coastline of the Arctic Ocean. After paddling down a section of the Coppermine River, Nunavut, I crawled on my belly over and around boulders in order to see these wonderful creatures for my first time in the wild. When they eventually spotted my silhouette against the sun the elder of the group stood its ground and let me know I was close enough.