Any regular listener of CBC radio through the ‘90s and 2000s undoubtedly gained some insights into the world of classical music from Rick Phillips. His popular weekend program Sound Advice® aired for 14 years, filling homes across Canada with beautiful music and Rick’s thoughtful commentary.
Rick Phillips
With musical tour guiding now a bigger part of his life, Rick is now sharing his expertise internationally. On our feature music tour for 2017, Golden Music for the Golden State, mornings will include an exclusive lecture and discussion with Rick to set vital context in advance of the performance to be seen that afternoon or evening. These special sessions are rich in content, and make Rick’s reverence and passion for classical music readily apparent:

“All forms of music are valid and worthy, from folk songs to pop, jazz, rock, and hip hop. They can all express ideas and emotions. But this book deals with classical music – the age¬-old form that has experienced many rises and falls over hundreds of years, and still manages to survive. How we use music is up to each individual, but this book deals with music that was intended to be listened to, not just heard – foreground listening, not background.” – Rick Phillips, from his book The Essential Classical Recordings: 101 CDs for Today’s Listener.