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Dave Milsom

Dave Milsom is an expert birder who has led tours throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. A keen nature photographer, he has learned much about wildflowers, butterflies, dragonflies and animals. His experience as an educator has enabled him to meet the various needs of his clients. His sense of humour, caring attitude and love of nature are all assets to his guiding of groups throughout the world.

Upcoming Tours

Current Projects

Organizing 44 fieldtrips (leading 5 of them) for Ontario Field Ornithologists; developing the OFO Young Birders' program-leading trips, working with young birders, organizing new initiatives; leading trips, writing articles, manning displays, for Peterborough Field Naturalists.

Memorable Moment

Being playfully punched by a young male gorilla in Bwindi Forest, Uganda.